Project Updates – May 18th 2017

Main Blog:

I’ve add a new category called Wrangles, it’s the only name I could think of that would gather together all posts which I do not want to be re-published. That’s all it really means. I’ve also put back in the map and data links, I’m trying to remember what else should go there, please feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Reports and HowTo’s:

I have a whole chain of reviews coming for Food Preps in the works, which will end up being first published on APN, then delayed and re-published here on the blog. The current set is from Valley Food Storage, which is going to be one of the first set of products that are being added to the new store front on the blog. Stand by for more info on that.

I finally got a copy of Gman’s book, wish I had the time to send it to him (came direct from the publisher), for him to sign. Maybe later. Book review coming this week as well as the Valley Food stuff.

TV Guide:

I got a second Kodi device for the living room, and customized the crap outa it. Running Kodi 17.1 on it, with Pulse and a mimic skin, I’m going to be added a HowTo to the TV section on how I set it all up, very happy with it so far.


I really haven’t had time to visit the #preppers chat resently, been way to busy with work etc. But it is still going strong and has lots of regulars. If your looking to connect with other preppers it’s the place to be.


Bookmarks is completely set up and running with a tweak to the search section, still making a few tweaks to the code as I go along, mostly about filtering bad links (at 109 filters now), if want to find information on prepper related topics, it’s there. You can add the code to your website or blog so your users can use it too, it opens in a new window, the code can be found on the search section.


Sorry I haven’t really worked on this past month, but I have put out feelers for some space on a separate server for the project, it requires two, so that I can fully index the dark net… come back on that later.


I’m thinking of shutting down the forum it’s really just not used. Let me know what you think.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing:

No, I haven’t worked on Hollowmen…. But, I did out line the two follow ups.

That’s all the updates for now.

~ wolfe