Projects Update: Fed 14th 2017

Projects Update: Fed 14th 2017
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Help Ticket Related:

I currently have 9 tickets up, and the template for the Services is current the default instead of matching the main template for the blog. I finished fixing up Prepper Book which I think is now finally working in way that will benefit Tom, Glen, and myself. I even came up with a little widget on the my main blog for it.

Main Blog:

I’ve started tweaking the main blog a little bit. The key update is the menu which leads to all the other things I am up too. It will get a few more links to the other sites I am a webmaster of as I get more organized.

One other note, I have a new guest blogger on it, Dan F Sullivan, you should check out his posts, he’s guest authored on American Preppers, and Prepper Broadcasting as well.

Reports and HowTo’s:

One of the major changes I have added to my sites is a plugin for wordpress that creates templates for posts, I intend to use these for reports, diy posts, and HowTo’s to keep them inline with each other as far as format goes. Part of the reason is to make sure I don’t forget things while writing, and to follow a format that I am use to from my information broker days.

TV Guide:

The TV guide section is not like I want it, but I am well on the way to adding a standard “xmltv” format export file/s to it for users of kodi, which will include more channels then just the filmon ones. Cut the Cord folks.


The radio sections is almost done, mostly just prepper broadcasting related at this time, but there will be a xmltv link there as well, and many more podcasts listed from Red Beacon Media/Radio in the near future (which is one of my help tickets from glen I have to work on).


Two little changes to the #preppers chatroom have occurred in the last week. First we’ve temporarily altered the rule #2 concerning bots to see how that goes. And the second is that we are one the last active prepper chats on the net. I guess people like us think that because Trump is now in power things are safe…. yeah, I don’t believe it either.


The new bookmarks section is almost done, you can check it out. I’ve added a 404 checker to it, and the search section will integrate with prepper bot in the near future. The change was actually due to a complaint that a person had that I was “inserting code” into their website… yeah, I know, non-geeks.


Darkspider has a new format as well. The original darkspider was basically a large list of un-sorted TOR Onion directory links. Actually I think it was the largest directory on the net. The problem was the format didn’t allow me to sort it into categories, vet it against child porn, and work with it fully for using the bot. Side projects with Global Incident Map, suffered as a result, the new back-end is more intensive now that we have a major upgrade to the server we can use. It will still be a little while while I take time to program some nodes and other parts before results start coming in, but I hope to have the bulk of the framework set up and running before Morgan goes on his walk-about at the end of March.


Yes, I know the forum looks like it sucks. But I swear the ranking system works there. Mostly it is used for article and post requests for the main blog, but it has other functions as well, so feel to join and make suggestions.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing:

No, I haven’t had time to work on Hollowmen. I will I promise.


Prepperbot has had a tonne of upgrades and re-writes over the last month or two. There is still more coming, the inter-connection to the IRC chat has been the hardest for me to update since I have been trying to avoid making it’s core system based on eggdrop. (I hate tlc programming now). More news on this as I mess around with.


Somethings I write are just little notes for me, some just don’t fit into article format, that is where the wiki comes in. It needs a template tweak as well, but I have no intention of making this an official anything, it’s a mess, and will likely stay that way. It’s just a place for me to store notes.


I think I am going to have to re-write/re-do the entire search section. The back end of it hasn’t been updated in years, and I need something that will connect with prepperbot more evenly. More on this later.

Misc (Chatroom, Art, Reading, Entertainment, Reviews):

There are a lot of other sub project that I want to get done, Im trying to get more organized and pull together the things need to finish them off. A few of these are for personal projects like my art work, others are for the blog, or for APN/PrepperRadio/GlobalIncidents or new clients for webmaster stuff.

The funny thing is, I am taking a business course, and am not really sure where this is going to lead. It could be multiple small businesses or one large one. I am basically letting my fate be controlled by what I learn as a result of the class itself, and again, more on that later.

~ wolfe